Juha Suonpää (born in Helsinki, Finland in 1963) is a photographer, film maker, researcher and teacher. He graduated in education from the University of Tampere and gained a doctorate in art from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki. His doctoral thesis Petokuvan raadollisuus (The Beastly Image of the Beast, 2002) was a study of the social significance of nature photography. For his research, he got the Pirkanmaa science award in 2000. He is also well known for his earlier prizewinning books Metsä Liikkuu (The Forest is on the Move, 1994) and Luontokuvan totuuden hetki (The Moment of Truth in Nature Photography, 2001).
The book Sacred Places-Pyhät paikat deals with the visual presentation of tourist attractions and Valokuva on In (“Photography is IN”) the aesthetics of modern photography.
Suonpää lectures on photography, writes academic papers on related topics and arranges regular photographic exhibitions in Finland and abroad. He has also created children’s books, learning materials and documentaries, the latest of which is the Wolfman/Hukkamies which premiered in Switzerland in 2013.

Juha Suonpää is currently the Head of Fine Art Programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and part-time professor of environmental and nature photography at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design. He was awarded by the Finnish photography organisations for his diverse work in the field of photography by the Finnfoto award in 2011 as well as the award from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland for both artistic and pedagogical merits in 2013.

Juha Suonpää, photographer, media artist, researcher and film maker (b.1963)